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Therapist-led Pilates Courses

Our Pilates Courses are run by APPI certified Rehabilitation Pilates Instructors who are also qualified or trained physiotherapists.



Bradley Stoke Physio & Health now offers several Therapist-led Pilates courses. Each course runs over a 6 week term, and sessions are offered at various times during the week.

What is Therapist-led Pilates?

Therapist-led Pilates means Pilates led by a qualified or trained physiotherapist who has also trained as a Pilates Instructor. As such, your Bradley Stoke Physio & Health course instructor will use their knowledge of how the body works to ensure it is safe and effective for you even if you have problems with your posture, back and neck or if you have neurological conditions.

See our Therapist-led Pilates therapy page for more information.

Who is a Therapist-led Pilates course for and how could I benefit?

As Therapist-led Pilates has big benefits in terms of strengthening muscles around the core of your body (lower and upper back, neck, stomach, and hips), we offer courses to:

  • Our patients in order to provide them with ongoing and supervised care once they have completed treatment they may have had at the clinic
  • People who come to us with a need for improved core stability and balance, or desire better control of or strength in their movement.

Therapist-led Pilates is a low-impact exercise so it is suitable for people at any age, ability and fitness level.

Who runs the Therapist-led Pilates courses at Bradley Stoke Physio & Health?

The courses are run by Katie who draws on her physiotherapy experience and is a Therapeutic Massage Therapist here at Bradley Stoke Physio & Health, and Kath , a Chartered Physiotherapist with many years experience. Our instructors are also certified Pilates teachers and use their expert knowledge of the body, and conditions and injuries that effect it, to modify the Pilates exercises to the right level for you.

Our qualified Pilates Instructors also run Therapist-led Pilates individual sessions.

Who else will be on the course?

Course sizes are small (no more than 12) so that your instructor can spend time with you to ensure you’re getting maximum benefit from each session.

We provide all the equipment, but do wear comfortable clothes such as t-shirts, leggings or jogging bottoms.

For details about how we use Pilates as a therapy in the treatment of our patients, click here.

The classes are great! The proof being, as you say, they are usually full with a waiting list, and the same people come back time after time which must be the biggest accolade.

Nicky Denney

Our therapists

Kathryn Stephenson

Kathryn Stephenson

Clinic Director, Chartered Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor

Katie James

Katie James

Pilates Instructor & Massage Therapist

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