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There’s more to us than meets the eye. Feel better, stronger and faster with our range of physical health services.


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Our team has a wealth of expertise in treatments aimed at movement improvement and helping you get rid of physical pain. What can we help you with?

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Neck and back pain

Start to rid yourself of pain in your lower back, upper back or neck from your very first appointment with us.

Joint, Muscle & Tendon Pain

If moving your body in any way is painful, stiff or slow, our therapists will get you back to normal.

Dizziness & Balance

Our specialist vestibular therapists can retrain your balance system to help you manage your dizziness or balance problems.

Injury, Surgery & Illness Rehab

Recover faster from your injury, surgery or illness with help and an action plan - you’ll be more mobile, happier and brighter.

Headache & Jaw Pain

Inconvenienced or debilitated by jaw pain or headaches you will not be!

Neurological Conditions

A dynamic, tailored approach to help you optimise your movement and achieve your goals.

Childrens Movement

See your child enjoy the progress they will make in walking, playing and living independently.

Pilates and Yoga courses

Led by qualified and experienced instructors ensuring you and your body get maximum benefit.

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