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About us – Bradley Stoke Physiotherapy and Health

We provide physical therapies, such as physio, massage, and pilates, to help the people of Bradley Stoke feel better.

Bradley Stoke Physio & Health has been going since 2003 and in that time we’ve built a great team of therapists who work to our extremely high standards of care.

It was a big leap of faith for us, Louise and Kath, to set up our own practice. However, local people called for a readily available physio and health service that actually treated the cause of their pain. They wanted to feel better sooner rather than later and we rose to the challenge.

Our reputation has grown and our ability to get results for people in our local community means that some clients now travel from afar afield as London, Birmingham and Barnstaple.

We hope that choosing Bradley Stoke Physio & Health will give you equal peace of mind knowing that you have chosen health professional excellence.