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We’d love to hear what you think of our team and the treatments you receive at Bradley Stoke Physio & Health.

Please drop us a line, call us or simply share your views with your therapist or the lovely Bev on Reception. If you’ve got some ideas on how we could improve, we’re keen to hear those as much as those which say how well we’ve looked after you. We’re really looking forward to hearing from you.

Both before and after my two total hip replacements the treatment has been superb and the continuing support and hard work of the team has ensured that I am more mobile and physically active than I have been for years.

Janet Morris

After an ongoing issue with dizziness and balance following labyrinthitis, I wasn’t sure where to turn to fix it. Following a few sessions at Bradley Stoke Physio, where the lovely Kath looked after me and showed me some exercises to relieve my symptoms, I’m now like a new person! Excited now to finally walk in a straight line and up an escalator, she gave me my confidence back to do things I was once scared of. I would absolutely recommend Bradley Stoke Physio, what a lovely team of professional people who really look after you. Thank you!

Claire F

As you know I have had a few sports injuries, one knee issue in particular, that has bothered me for over twenty years. Before being treated by you I have had numerous failed attempts to fix these, through visits to various Physios, osteopaths and chiropractors. I was ready to give up on trying to resolve the injuries and it was beginning to get me down. My final attempt to address these issues was seeking treatment from yourself. During your short course of treatment you have shown a true interest in helping me and have identified the root causes of my pain, along with setting me on a path to recovery. That journey of recovery is now over and my only regret is that I hadn’t had you around to help me twenty years ago!

Steve Bland

I have had problems with my back for many years and have now been having physio on my back for approximately six weeks at Bradley Stoke Physio within the Leisure Centre. I have in the past tried all sorts of treatments for my back over the years but with no real success until now. The treatment I have received seems to be having the right effect and I feel that the results so far are going in the right direction, thanks to Naomi.

Martin Nurse

Thank you for sorting me out … again! My shoulder has been much improved over the last few days.


Treatment offered by the practise is delivered by highly qualified professional team in a friendly atmosphere .

Although we have moved from the area we prefer to return to the practise as we value the way the treatment is given.

Gillian Jacobs

Who’d have thought I’d be comparing one to one yoga with Louise as more relaxing than drinking a large glass of rose in the sunshine after a hard day at work …. but it was! (At at 9.45 in the morning too!) Bliss, Relaxing and Soul Soothing.

Jenny N

The classes are great! The proof being, as you say, they are usually full with a waiting list, and the same people come back time after time which must be the biggest accolade.

Nicky Denney

I have done two block bookings of group mat-work pilates with Bradley Stoke Physio.

My intentions for doing the classes were to improve the strength/flexibility of my back and to reduce lower back pain. All 3 intentions were met. The group sizes are relatively small which means that instructors are able to correct individual’s technique. I found both Kathryn and Ali friendly, clear in their instruction and would recommend them to friends/family.

Luke Thompson

Just wanted to let you know how great the yoga classes are. They form part of a holistic approach to health and well being. Haven’t had any back pain since doing the classes. Long may they continue.

Steve B