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Katie James

Katie James

Pilates Instructor & Massage Therapist

Hello, I’m Katie, Pilates Instructor & Massage Therapist here at Bradley Stoke Physio & Health.

Certified Pilates teacher with APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute).

The therapies I offer and my special interests: as a qualified physiotherapist, I went to live abroad and my travels took me to Hong Kong. There I discovered Pilates and I was fascinated by the positive benefits it had on movement, strength and overall quality of life of my clients.
Today, back in my native Bristol, I continue to teach Pilates and draw on my physiotherapy experience as a Massage Therapist.
In my spare time I am kept happily busy by my two young daughters and I enjoy singing in a local choir. 

Why I do what I do: No matter where I have worked with my clients, in Asia, the Middle East or here in the UK, I have seen it time and time again: the best therapy comes from keeping your body moving.

I really enjoy seeing my patients start to feel better, particularly when they experience other benefits that Pilates and massage therapy can bring. Want a better night’s sleep or to feel less stressed, anyone?

Why book an appointment with me: I will pull on many diverse experiences to help you feel better and maintain that feeling of wellbeing. In working with clients face-to-face or in classes, and in countries across the globe, I have developed a depth and range of skill and understanding that I will apply to helping you get back to doing what you love.