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Therapeutic Massage

A mix of remedial massage and relaxation massage to help you reduce your pain and make movement easier.

Therapeutic Massage Therapist treating patient at Bradley Stoke Physio & Health

What is Therapeutic Massage?

Our Therapeutic Massage Therapist, Katie, uses a combination of massage techniques to help treat your pain and improve your movement.

You may also find you benefit emotionally as Therapeutic Massage can also reduce the physiological burden of stress and fatigue, perhaps felt as the result of long-term (chronic) pain or illness.

What can Therapeutic Massage treat?

Therapeutic Massage can benefit you if you are injured, have a condition or disability, or are experiencing pain from using your body in ways it is not used to or isn’t quite meant for.

You might also want to book a regular appointment with our Katie if you want to keep yourself supple and injury-free for the sports-field, or to help you manage a stressful work-life.

People of all ages can benefit from massage therapy, as can people at any level of physical health.

How does Therapeutic Massage work?

Our Therapeutic Massage Therapist has combined her physiotherapy training and massage experience to develop a toolkit of evidence-based techniques to help you gain a therapeutic benefit.

Massage uses hands-on movements like pressing, rolling, stroking and kneading to manipulate your muscles, ligaments and tendons and restore balance to your musculoskeletal system.

The Therapeutic Massage techniques you experience will depend on what you want to achieve – relief of neck and back pain, reduced muscle and joint stiffness, rehabilitation after illness or injury, or relaxation.

It is a wonderful complementary therapy, too, to other forms of pain and rehabilitation treatment including physiotherapy, Therapist-led Pilates and Therapeutic Yoga.  


1 hour Therapeutic Massage£45
30 minutes Therapeutic Massage£35

Our therapists

Katie James

Pilates Instructor & Massage Therapist