Alexander Technique

An educational technique that helps you find a pain-free and stress-free way of being.

Photograph of Alexander Technique demonstration on lower spine

What is an Alexander Technique Teacher?

Bradley Stoke Physio's Teacher of the Alexander Technique can help you with your personal development. Susie will do this through supporting you in becoming more self aware, mindful and enhancing your ability to use new skills.   She can help you to re-educate your body and mind so you can free the body from strain and the mind from stress, thus promoting a pain-free way of being.

What conditions can Alexander Technique treat?

The effects of the Alexander Technique can therefore be very powerful as you are involved, body and mind, at every step of the way. Learning a new way of thinking through the Technique can have a positive effect on everything you do, but it is particularly good for:

  • Changing habits that cause mobility problems like neck and back pain, muscle tension and soreness or poor posture
  • Overcoming stress
  • Improving performance through optimising balance, posture and co-ordination

Alexander Technique can support you with realising some very complex goals such as achieving your personal best, sleeping better or perform well in tests, shows or events.

How does Alexander Technique work?

Alexander Technique works because it empowers you to help yourself. This is because the Alexander Technique is not so much a therapy, but an educational technique.  You will have private one-to-one lessons to help you improve the connection between your thoughts and what you physically do.

Susie will observe you and offer you verbal and hands-on feedback during your lesson. Over time you will learn to observe yourself and be much more aware of how you are using your body. This will help you change long-standing habitual patterns of movement, and to function more efficiently.

Our therapists

Susannah Baker

Photograph of Susannah Baker

Alexander Technique Teacher