Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: continuing care for our clients

Today the government announced that all leisure centres will close.
Read on to find out how it affects treatments for our clients.

Image of light shining through trees linking to an article on how Bradley Stoke Physio & Health will continue care for the patients in the light of coronavirus

All leisure centres ordered to close from this evening, Friday 20th March

You may have heard that Boris Johnson today issued strict next steps to help stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Leisure centres are amongst the public places that will shut their doors this evening and until further notice.

Bradley Stoke Physio & Health is based in a leisure centre

As our clinic is based within the Bradley Stoke Active Lifestyle Centre, we are also affected by this announcement. We have closed our physical space following the treatment of our last patient this evening.

We will work out a way to continue delivering our care

Some of you have been with us for years, others for a few months or weeks, and some have booked your first appointment with us for next week - and we don't want to let you down, coronavirus or no coronavirus!

While we are in the position of having to cancel appointments that would have otherwise involved you coming into our clinic, we are going to put our thinking caps on to see how we might be able to adapt the provision of our care.

In the meantime

If you have an appointment booked and haven't heard from us yet, we'll be in touch shortly to discuss your next steps with us.

If you need physiotherapy care, or need to get in touch with us, please do call us on the usual number 01454 618 525 or email 

We apologise if there is any delay from us in responding, but please bear with us as we put our new systems in place.

Thank you

Last, but not least, in this strange and unprecedented time, we thank you sincerely for your patience and understanding.

With warmest wishes for the good health of you and your family,

Louise, Kath and all the team
Bradley Stoke Physio & Health