NEW classes: Chair-based Yoga

Starting 8th May 2019, those with chronic pain, or who find practising traditional yoga postures isn't easy, might be particularly interested.

Chair-based Yoga at Bradley Stoke Physio & Health

Unlike in a conventional yoga class, in Chair-based Yoga there is no getting up and down from the floor or sitting cross-legged. The entire class can be practiced sitting on a chair, using a chair as the base both for seated postures and activities, and as a support if you want to do some of the class on your feet.

We're fortunate to have Eve Douglas joining the Bradley Stoke Physio & Health team to lead this specialised version of Yoga. Eve has taught yoga for nearly 25 years, and is particularly interested in working with older adults and those with specific health-related conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and Osteoporosis. Eve  has additional training in Gentle Years Yoga©, including Chair-based Yoga and Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs.

Chair-based Yoga is beneficial for many people, especially for anyone with a limited range of movement or who finds moving from sitting or lying on the floor to standing, difficult. 

Eve's classes include: 

  • natural movements, harmonised with the breath, to create freedom in the joints from top to toes 
  • strengthening and stretching of muscles – for balance, stability and ease of everyday movements
  • exploring breathing techniques which help to manage pain and deepen the natural breath
  • exercises and movements to enhance our mental faculties – such as concentration and memory
  • physical and emotional relaxation to enhance our feeling of well-being
  • the opportunity to be in the company of others and share experiences.

There are modifications to make the class easier for those who have more limited range of movement, and variations, including more standing, to give greater challenge for those who want this.

Every class is a little different, but will include some short sequences and exercises that will be repeated and can be used at home between sessions.

Are you interested in joining our Chair-based Yoga classes?

Cost: £42.00 for 5 classes, plus an assessment interview or over the phone. The assessment is an opportunity for Eve to find out more about your current needs and longer-term goals, and plan any additional support from which you will benefit during the class.

Day & time: Wednesdays 10.30 – 11.30 a.m


  • Block 1: 8th May, 15th May, 22nd May, 29th May and 5th June
  • Block 2: 12th June, 19th June, 26th June; 3rd July, and 10th July
  • Additional one-off session: 17th July

All equipment is provided. Please dress in clothing that allows for ease of movement.

Get in touch to find out more and book