Introducing our new Osteopath

We would like to welcome Hannah Brunt to the Bradley Stoke Physio & Health team – Hannah joins us as our Osteopath.

Photograph of Hannah Brunt Osteopath at Bradley Stoke Physio & Health

Originally from Bath, Hannah returns to the West Country having trained and practiced as an Osteopath in Kent. She is a self-confessed ‘enjoyer of podcasts’, particularly those on physio and health topics. Ask Hannah about her interest in the medical professionals that bring a new take on traditional views - she's interested in new thinking for modern health challenges.

Hannah is an experienced Osteopath who uses a ‘whole-person’ approach to help you recover from pain and injury. This means Hannah considers the physical and emotional elements of pain, understanding the impact of the problem in the context of your life. She will work with you to deliver a treatment plan that will keep you active and doing the things you love.

Hannah said, ‘People are living with pain that isn't necessarily inevitable. Their world can get ever smaller as a result, as they gradually do less and lose social contact, which can then affect their mood. The effect of pain on a person’s emotional wellbeing can definitely contribute to the pain cycle. As an Osteopath I take all of this ‘life-stuff’ into account, putting you at the centre of “making you feel better”.

So what brought Hannah to Bradley Stoke Physio & Health? ‘I really enjoy working as part of a team in smaller clinics. From the first time I saw the website, I saw friendly and relaxed therapists who work brilliantly together as a team. As soon as I walked in through the door, I felt this echoed throughout the Bradley Stoke Physio & Health clinic as well. I’m really looking forward to being part of a team that ensures their patients get the best care and makes them feel better.’

For an appointment with Hannah, or to find out more about Osteopathy and how it can help you, please contact Bradley Stoke Physio & Health on 01454 618525.