Book now: Special Offer Running MOT & Sports Massage

Want to run faster, or recover from a sports injury? Special offer appointments available on Saturday 16th June.

Photograph of Susie Baker recording a runner for video analysis

Want to run faster, further, smoother or better? Or want to reduce muscle tightness, or aches and pains? Then a special offer appointment on this Saturday 16th June is for you.

Susie, our Alexander Technique Practitioner and Art of Running coach, and Dimitri, our Sports Rehabilitator, have teamed up for a Saturday Sports Clinic. It will run on Saturday 16th June and offer special-priced:

One-to-one Running MOT's

Using video analysis, Susie, will help you find out if there are any changes you could make to improve and get the most out of your running.

Susannah Baker new

"Sometimes there is a big difference between how we think we run and how we actually run,' says Susie. 'That's where seeing side-on slow-motion video footage of yourself running can be so helpful. This technique analysis session is a brilliant place to start looking at how you can be a better, smoother runner, and what might be holding you back from performing to your full potential.'

Sports Massage and Injury Assessments

No matter what sport or exercise you're in to, if you're experiencing muscle tightness, aches or pains, book in with Dimitri.

Dimitri Kollias

 Dimitri says, 'Sports massage  can be of benefit no matter what your level of fitness. It can help reduce tension and tiredness in your muscles, increase flexibility in your muscles and joints, and you recover from injury, and more. Book an appointment with me on Saturday and let's start getting you back to full fitness.'

Book your appointment now

Your one-to-one Running MOT, or Sports Massage/Injury Assessment on Saturday 16th June will last 30 minutes and cost just £20. 

There are limited places, so book now to avoid disappointment.