Why should you be interested in a Movement MOT?

We are all familiar with the saying ‘You shouldn’t run before you can walk’, and the same is true of our health and fitness.

Climbing the stairs

We get caught up in talking about losing weight, building muscle, setting new personal bests…but actually, have you given yourself the best chance of achieving your goals? Your best chance comes in getting the basics right first. This is where our Movement MOT comes in.

Our Movement MOT is based on the scientific  Functional Movement Screening ( FMS) which was devised to identify movement impairments and asymmetries.

A Movement MOT assesses your fundamental ability to move and control your movements. From the baseline identified, it’s possible to prioritise exercises and exercise programmes that play to your strengths and address your weaknesses. The aim is to help you achieve higher levels of fitness and athletic performance.

Dimitri, our Sports Rehabilitator, said, ‘Movement MOT is a simple yet brilliant appraisal that is key to daily life. You can benefit whether you’re an athlete wanting to raise your game, a person wanting to get back to physical activity or someone that wants to reap greater rewards from the physical activity in which you take part. 

Dimitri Kollias

‘I will take you through seven movements designed so that I can look at your range and stability of your movements, your strength and control, and your flexibility and balance. It is a full body assessment and takes into account everything from your posture, shoulders, your spine, core, hips and legs - key fundamentals on which you can build your fitness goals.

‘I’ll score your movements, then we’ll use your results to generate a customised report that you can use to help you train more effectively and efficiently, or reach your personal fitness goals. We can also set a date for a repeat assessment so you can come back in six weeks and see how much you’ve improved.’

Reasons you might want a Movement MOT

  • You’ve taken time off to heal after an injury, but you find that your movement isn’t quite the same or as easy as before, or you’re still in some pain
  • You want to retrain the body to move in the most stable, efficient way, so you get more return for your efforts when you train
  • You need to put less stress on certain parts of your body
  • You recognise that putting the right foundations in place is necessary to setting you on the right path to achieving your fitness goals
  • You want to prevent injury

Tempted to book?

Dimitri's designed a well thought-through Movement MOT package. Not only will you get a better understanding of your mobility and potential, you'll have the opportunity to return to see how you've progressed. You will receive a:

  • 30 minute initial assessment
  • Customised report
  • Six-week follow up and review

Special offer for Active members

As we're based in the Active Bradley Stoke Centre, we've teamed up with the gym here to bring Active Health & Fitness members a special offer.  Plus, take your report to the Active Bradley Stoke gym staff and they will be able to incorporate the recommendations into your gym programme.  Contact us for more details.


Ready to book your Functional Movement Screening?

Phone 01454 618 525 and book your initial 30 minute appointment with Dimitri.