How not to let age or injury stop you moving

Now a qualified JEMS® Certified Clinical Rehabilitation Practitioner, our Physio Ali explains...

Image of Physio Ali Staveley with her JEMS certificate

Our very modest Physiotherapist, Ali Staveley, successfully became a JEMS® Certified Clinical Rehabilitation Practitioner recently. 

‘What’s that?’ we hear you cry, as, admittedly, have many we’ve told in celebration of this good news.

We asked Ali to explain, and when you hear the words ‘freedom of movement’, and ‘making movement easy’, we’re sure you’ll be fascinated by what she has to say. This is likely to be especially so if you’re thinking that at your age, or with your injury, or with your pain, you have given up on moving easily.

Ali said, ‘As with all the therapists here at Bradley Stoke Physio & Health, I endeavour to keep up to date with the latest research and bring the best of new practice to my clients to help them get better faster. The other important goal for me is that my clients can actually sustain the improvements they’ve made during their treatment once they’ve chosen to leave my care.

‘When I met Joanne Elphinston, founder of the JEMS practice, I really connected with the holistic approach and immediately saw the benefit for my clients. The JEMS approach is all about taking pressure off, irrespective of whether the tension is through the stress and worry of managing your recovery or the physical pain you feel in your joints, muscles or tendons. Enabling your body to rediscover control and elasticity, JEMS frees your mind and your movement.

‘If you want to go deeper, you’ll find the JEMS approach takes into account not only your emotional state, but your belief system around your pain or injury. Understanding what limits you and drives you can help you unlock a more effective way for you to get better. Combined with looking at your functional needs – what you need your body to do every day - with JEMS it means we develop your very own unique recovery and treatment plan.

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‘Everyone has a need to move well to allow them to do what they need to do, from elite athletes, to the Sunday strollers. Your time of life, injury, or other reasons shouldn’t be reasons not to have freedom of movement. You need a unique approach that involves a good technique, and delivers greater ease, freedom and more efficient movement. JEMS might just be the answer.’

Want to know more about how the JEMS approach can help make you feel better? Call us on 01454 618 525 to talk to Ali or book an appointment with her.