Read our headaches article in Little Stoke Gifford Matters?

The latest issue of Little Stoke Matters, with our physio for headaches article in it, has landed on doorsteps. Don't get this mag? Link to it here.

Photograph of Louise reading her Physio for Headaches article in Little Sotke Gifford Matters

We nearly caught Louise unawares when we saw her reading her own article about physiotherapy being good for headaches. The smile gives you away, Louise - you knew we were there with the camera!

If you haven't found the article in your copy of Little Stoke Gifford Matters, you'll find it on page 21.  It's got the woman dressed in white and holding her head in the top right hand corner, so you won't miss it.

Otherwise click the link here to read it on the Little Stoke Gifford Matters website.

Let us know what you think!

If it sounds like physiotherapy might be able to help you with your headaches, call us on 01454 618 525 to book your appointment with Ali, Kath or Louise (our 'headache physios').

There's some more information on our Headaches and Jaw Pain page here on our website