Running Technique on 15th October

Would you like to run faster, further, smoother or better? Take up a one-to-one technique analysis session for just £10.

Photograph of Susie Baker recording a runner for video analysis

Are you a runner? Would you like to run faster, further and reduce the risk of injury?

On Saturday 15th October, our Alexander Technique practitioner, Susie Baker, will be doing one-to-one Running Technique sessions using video analysis. 

"To be a better, smoother runner, the best place to start is to find out what might be holding you back from performing to your full potential. That's where seeing side-on slow-motion video footage of yourself running can be so helpful," says Susie. 

"Sometimes there is a big difference between how we think we run and how we actually run. So a technique analysis session is a great way to find if there are any changes you could make to improve and get the most out of your running." 

Maybe you would like to set a new PB, feel less out of breath or simply enjoy it more?  Discover the benefits of the Alexander Technique and improve your running.

Your one-to-one Running Technique session on Saturday 15th October will last 30 minutes, costs just £10 and will take place at our clinic in the Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre. Sessions are available between 8.30am and 3pm.

Call us on 01454 618 525 to book your one-to-one Running Technique session. There are limited places so early booking is advised.