How not to get in your own way of feeling better

Who knew that the way you feel has so much influence over your body’s ability to move? Our Physio Ali has been telling us how JEMS can help.

Photograph of Ali Staveley

"Every day pressures and life's challenges can actually put the brake on, or slow down, progress you’re making towards getting rid of any physical pain. Take Mike*, a guitar player and patient of mine. Mike came to me with pain in his hand that was preventing him from playing his guitar and enjoying the hobby he loved.

"With a couple of physiotherapy treatment sessions mainly concentrating on the control and use of his shoulder and arm, Mike was making great strides towards being able to resume his guitar playing at a level he would enjoy again. However, one day he came to me clearly frustrated as he felt his most recent efforts to get better had won him precious little progress that week. Fortunately, the JEMS principles I use in my physiotherapy treatments ensure my clients are able to take a much wider understanding of their body and how it reacts to everyday life situations. Mike and I were able to pinpoint that the stressful week he’d encountered had caused tension in his body. This had reduced his ability to get the effect he wanted out of his physio exercises, despite him putting in the time to do them, meaning that he felt his progress had slowed.

Sometimes In Your Efforts To Solve The Problem You Unknowingly Work Against Your Body

"The awareness that the JEMS approach had instilled in Mike led us to practicing some techniques that will allow Mike to move freely, with control and strength so that the ups and downs of normal life don’t affect his recovery. They’re techniques that give him better control over his movements and the resulting confidence will also help him in manage the effects that stress has on his guitar playing in the future, even once his pain is gone. Watch out if you encounter a guitarist giving his best ever performance - it could be Mike after using the JEMS principles!"

Can you feel how the way you hold and move your body changes when you’re feeling low, or you’re at a difficult point in your week or life? Some people comment on how their head hangs low, or they have tight shoulders, or feel tension in their back. In fact, as Mike found, stress can affect any part of your body and you can notice it’s effect particularly when you’re trying to recover from an injury, reduce pain or improve a specific aspect of your movement. Is this you? Make your appointment with Ali Staveley to see how JEMS can help by calling us on 01454 618 525.

* not his real name