Save your place at Louise's Yoga Workshop

We caught Louise making the most of a rare quiet moment as she prepares for her 14th November Yoga Workshop.

A photograph of Louise Dodds caught practising a yoga pose

Look who we snapped recently when she thought no one was looking!  Louise is really excited about the Yoga Workshop she's preparing for Saturday 14th November, and has been using any spare minutes she can find to plan a fun and memorable event that everyone taking part benefits from.

You might know that Louise has been practicing Yoga herself for over 20 years and raves about how it not only tones and strengthens her limbs and her core, but increases her concentration and helps her reduce her stress levels too.  As a Chartered Physiotherapist, Louise also knows how you can use Yoga to build a strong and mobile body safely, and to increase understanding of your body so you can better manage pain or overcome injury. Considering how she can best share her knowledge and passion about Yoga, Louise recently introduced a Therapeutic Yoga course to Bradley Stoke Physio.  

Louise is now developing the Yoga Workshop because she wants to offer the people an opportunity to explore Yoga teaching and poses in more detail than a class might allow.  It also gives participants an opportunity to see if they would like to join one of Louise's Therapeutic Yoga courses (the next one starts after Christmas).

With Louise's physiotherapist experience too, participants will benefit from specific advice as to how they can modify Yoga and maximise the effect it can have on them according to personal ability, movement and any ongoing injuries or pain.

In fact, Louise was just saying how many think Yoga is just for those who are flexible and have a great range of movement, yet the opposite could definitely be argued. Those who are not as flexible as they would like to be, or those whose movement or mobility is affected by pain or stiffness in muscles or joints could definitely find that Yoga helps them to become more mobile and freer in the way that they move.  

As the aim of the Yoga Workshop is to make sure everyone there gets as much out of it for themselves as possible, there are only 12 spaces available. This will ensure Louise is able to work with everyone individually.

Louise is running the Yoga Workshop on Saturday 14th November from 2.30pm until 4pm at the Leisure Centre in Bradley Stoke.

The price is £15 per person and places will be limited to 12 people. Payment secures your place and all equipment is provided, but feel free to bring your own yoga mat if you prefer.