Price list

Your initial assessment will last about an hour and will include your first treatment. Please allow 30 minutes for follow up appointments.

Illustration of Price


Initial assessment & treatment£53
Subsequent treatment£40


Initial assessment and treatment£53
Follow-up treatment£40

Sports Rehabilitation

1 hour of Sports Therapy assessment and treatment£42
30 minute Sports Therapy follow-on session£32

Sports Massage

1 hour Sports Massage£38
30 minute Sports Massage£25

Alexander Technique

1 hour Alexander Technique - initial assessment£50
45 minute follow up session£38
30 minute Running MOT£20
1 hour Running Session£50

Physio for Children

Initial assessment and treatment£65
Follow up treatments per session£65


Initial consultation (50 mins)£32
Follow-up session (50 mins)£42

Physio-led Pilates

One-to-one session£35
Course of 6 classes£51

Therapeutic Yoga

One-to-one session£35
Course of 6 sessions£51

 All fees are exempt from VAT.

All treatments are given by qualified and experienced therapists.

Our opening hours are flexible. If you would like to book an appointment please contact us or book online.