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Hannah Brunt


Hi, I’m Hannah, the Osteopath here at Bradley Stoke Physio & Health.

Qualifications: M.Ost

GOsC: 8196

Therapies I offer and special interests: As an experienced Osteopath, I have a toolbox of techniques and strategies to help ease your pain, improve your movement, and restore function to injured or problem areas. Have a look at our Osteopathy page for more about what osteopathy involves.

I have a particular interest in treating people with persistent pain and arthritis care. I find many of my patients initially believe their only choice is to accept their pain and try to get on with life. Actually, you can often do something about this pain - it’s great to show people that they have options to help them feel and move better.

Why I do what I do: I enjoy listening to, and forming treatment plans according to, people’s stories. I believe it’s important that people have a chance to tell their story – I hear how the pain impacts upon their lives, their mood, and what they now can’t do. People don’t often have the opportunity to explore this and yet it can be an important part of getting better. Pain isn’t just about the effect it has on the physical body. Psychological factors and your surrounding social environment can impact upon the development of pain and your ability to recover. Osteopathic treatment takes the whole-person, physical and emotional, into account, and helps you get back to doing what you love - it’s why I do what I do.

Why book an appointment with me: Because the pain you have isn’t necessarily inevitable. You can reduce your pain, improve your function, and get back to doing the things you need to do and love.

I feel very fortunate to enjoy my work, and I look forward to helping you feel better. 

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